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About Us

Since our inception, Ciel Info has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

First step took place on 2nd May, 2013 and ever since we are writing history.

We are a team of 35 specialists including Recruiters, Trainers, Industry experts, Coordinators & Counsellors excelling everyday
 with setting new targets and achieving them is now a daily routine.
We have presence across India covering metro, 2nd tier & 3rd tier cities and expanding to maximum areas possible.

Rely on us on whatever the requirement is. We have a different approach of headhunting the profile required by our clients within the given time.

"We Are Human Capital Boutique"

We just don't rely on database but our executives go out to search and connect with the right prospective leads. We have developed a fail-proof system of sourcing the exact Human Resource required by our clients.

We are working 24x7 and are available round the clock to support your urgent requirement or any assistance.



Morris Megan
Client Partner
Rimmi Baruah

For Employers

For Employees Of Ciel 

We have multiple benefits with a creative and modern environment to work. What extra we offer apart from salary ?

- 50% Of Your Salary As Instant Bonus

- Quarterly Salary Increment Upto 45%

- 7.30 Hrs Of Login
-Sponsored MBA Or Further Studies To Top Performers

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There are very few performing Recruitment Vendors in Delhi, Ciel Info is one of them. 

Cheers !

Great placement service, I got placed in a Multi National Company while sitting at home within a day. It was amazing & I am really thankful